MRT transportation

There are four transfer stations on the Taipei metro system. You can take the train to Huilong on any of the transfer stations to come to APPRO (which is just next to the Touqianzhuang station).

2.Zhongxiao Xinsheng.
3.Minquan W Rd.

Please be prepared to get off the train after Xianse Temple station, which is the stop before Touqianzhuang station.

Take Zhongxiao Xinsheng station as an example.
You can go to Zhongxiao Xinsheng station and board a train on the Xinzhuang line. After a ride of approx. 23 minutes, get off at the ninth stop, Touqianzhuang station, which is next to the Zhongzheng Road - SiYuan Road crossing.Head for MRT Exit 1, them use the Taipei Hospital Underpass which takes you right to No.66, Zhongzheng Road. Turn left to find the building`s entrance.

APPRO is on its 13th floor.

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