A government public co1truction site in Yilan county

A government public construction site in Yilan county

TC-2116C whole environment time-lapse camera, 5W solar panel, Parapet short pole kit.


    It is a government public construction site located in Yilan County, Taiwan. The construction area is about 13,000㎡, with two underground floors and seven stories high. The owner's equipment is set up on the roof of a nearby building with a 2M pole. The devices are robust and waterproof design to resist harsh weather conditions in summer, including severe typhoons.
    The construction company has to report to the government the project progress with video records regularly. The builder is very convenient and reliable to use the IDVEW construction solution. Through the IDVIEW dashboard can be scheduled single or bi-weekly to time-lapse archive video in cloud storage. This solution is powered by an external solar power system. Even the weather condition is always rainy and cloudy in Yilan County. IDVEW construction solution still gets non-stop power.
    Builders can download the video via PC to have a weekly report for their clients to know the construction progress. Or share the photo to discuss issues internally.

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