Agriculture 4.0

The scallion garden in Sa1hing Tow1hip, Yilan County. (Smart agriculture, dynamic traceability)

The scallion garden in Sanshing Township, Yilan County. (Smart agriculture, dynamic traceability)

Devices: TC-2116C whole environment time lapse camera +LCM micro weather station+20W solar panel+ 140W power module + 2M pole.


    In Taiwan, the most famous restaurant for soup dumping Special designation Sanshing scallions. This case is located in Sanshin Township, a well-known place of scallion origin. In addition to outdoor fields, the user has built many large greenhouses to grow high-quality scallions 365days a year.
    The TS-1000 micro weather station is set up in this scallions greenhouse and provides the farmer the indoor environment information. The TC-2116C time-lapse cameras record the footage video of the growth process. Utilizing the video with data helps the farmer improve the quantity and quality of every harvest. 
    IDVIEW solution provides time-lapse video with data and GPS about from the growth to the harvest process, giving consumers a visual dynamic traceability.



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